UIC Procedures and Deadlines for Renewing or Establishing Annual Orders for FY2021 / FY2020 Encumbrances

Please distribute to all personnel involved in establishing new annual orders or renewing annual (including multi-year) orders.

The following contains important information regarding 1) policy requirements for annual orders and 2) procedures and deadlines for FY2021 renewals/new annual orders and FY2020 encumbrances.



  • iBuy must be used for all orders with standard (net 30) payment terms.
  • Banner is used for any order with non-standard (i.e. other than net 30) payment terms.
  • A single iBuy standing order line item cannot exceed $999,999. If an iBuy standing order of $1 million or more is required, please submit the standing order in Banner.

Standing Orders should be established to serve as master contracts with a vendor for which there are continuing, multiple requirements on an “as needed” basis throughout the fiscal year for certain supplies or services. The amount of the standing order should be your total estimated spend for all items expected to be ordered. Vendors for standing orders estimated to exceed

$50,000 annually will be subject to requirements for registration with the State Board of Elections and submission of Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest Forms.

Small Purchases of $10,000 to $100,000 require multiple quotes.

  • Small purchases using federal or federal pass-through funds, need to comply with the Uniform Guidance Micro-Purchase need for multiple quotes at $10,000.
  • All other small purchases need to comply with the Administrative Rules at Sec.4.2020(a) which include documentation demonstrating competition from multiple vendors greater than or equal to $20,000.

UIC Units are encouraged to solicit at least one quote from a Business Enterprise Program (BEP) certified diverse vendor when available. Such quotes can be informal (e.g., via telephone or email). The multiple quotes must be documented in iBuy Internal Notes or Comments, or attached in iBuy Internal Attachments, and must identify the vendors which provided the quotes and the method by which the quotes were obtained; or the reasons why multiple quotes, including from small and diverse businesses, were not obtained.

Sole Source and Exempt procurements (e.g., professional memberships, subscriptions, athletic/artistic/musical performances or events, sponsored research, or medical supplies and services necessary for delivery of care and treatment at UI Health facilities) still require creation of iBuy requisitions, regardless of amount. Purchasing will identify other requirements, as applicable, to process Sole Source and Exempt procurements.



For FY2021 purchase requirements needing a start date of 7/1/2020, it is essential that departments submit requisitions in a timely manner to allow sufficient time to process renewals (if any are available), or competitive bids, RFPs, Exemptions, or Sole Sources, prepare recommendations for the Board of Trustees, if necessary, and obtain all necessary approvals, to issue an annual order by July 1st.

Purchase Request Amount Date Due in UIC Purchasing
$1,000,000 or more per fiscal year for supplies, general services and/or professional and artistic services, including sole sources and exemptions, requires Board of Trustees approval. Requisitions need to be submitted to Purchasing with adequate time to obtain the necessary BOT approvals. February 3, 2020 Last FY20 BOT Mtg. Date is May 21, 2020
Greater than $100,000 to $999,999 for supplies and general services, including sole sources. February 3, 2020
$100,000 to $999,999 for professional and artistic services (Law, Accounting, Dentistry, Clinical Psychology, Medicine and Custom Art), including sole sources. March 2, 2020
$50,000 to $100,000 for supplies, general services and professional and artistic services. March 2, 2020
$10,000 to $49,999 for supplies, general services and professional and artistic services. April 1, 2020

How to Renew an Annual Order – Copying an Existing Purchase Order


•    ACCOUNTING DATE/TRANSACTION DATE – FY2021 orders must have a July 1, 2020 or later Accounting Date (iBuy Orders)/Transaction Date (Banner Orders)


  • REQUESTED DELIVERY DATE/DELIVERY DATE: If the FY2021 order will be used for the entire year, make the Requested Delivery Date (iBuy Orders) or Delivery Date (Banner Orders) June 30,


  • Enter the previous fiscal year Purchase Order number in the “Internal Notes” field for iBuy orders and in the “Comments” field for Banner orders: g., P0907737 (FY20). All other information should be entered in the “Internal Notes”/”External Notes” sections for iBuy orders or the “Document” or “Item” text fields for Banner orders.


  • After copying the previous requisition/existing purchase order information into the new requisition, the department should review and update any relevant information, and submit the requisition to Purchasing for renewal of the order. If appropriate, please update information regarding source of State authority, such as RFP, IFB, sole source, or exemption numbers; Vendor quote numbers; iCS contract number; Statewide contract numbers associated with Joint/Group Purchasing Organizations/Consortia contracts such as CMS, IPHEC, or Novation/Vizient; and any other source of pricing.


  • For requisitions initiated in iBuy, users will receive an iBuy email notification when a purchase order is created that includes the purchase order number (unless the user has turned off such notifications in their notification settings).




Fiscal Year 2020 will end on June 30, 2020. Completed and approved requisitions for purchases of supplies and services that are to be charged to your Fiscal Year 2020 budget must be received in UIC Purchasing by the dates listed in the deadlines section to ensure encumbrance of funds in FY2020. Purchase orders issued after July 1 will be charged to your FY2021 budget.


Who to Contact:

UIC Chicago Purchasing Questions:

Arlene Shorter, 312-413-4068, shorter@uillinois.edu

Aaron Rosenthal, 312-996-8074, aaronr1@uillinois.edu


UIC Chicago iBuy Assistance:

Please see the UIC information found on the iBuy Who to Ask page or email questions to UICPurchasing@uillinois.edu.

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